Sunday, September 21, 2014

MEAT & OKRA & MEETIN OPRAH! (Food Network? O.W.N.? Get A Pencil.)

MEAT & OKRA & MEETIN OPRAH! - Mary Birdsong - Mary Birdsong

Here’s my genius pitch for the FOOD NETWORK (or O.W.N. - not sure which).  Maybe it’ll be one of those new-fangled shows that are simulcast on two channels at once! 
Okay, so the concept is simple- Every episode, a Southern lady would makes a dish that includes  meat, and a mushy, slimy vegetable that creeps me out (aka OKRA). Then Oprah comes out and eats it. Come on- it writes itself! 
Seriously, I really do hate okra, unless it’s in a gumbo or something, but this  recipe for Ground Beef Chili with Stir-Fried Okra actually looks pretty good, and is very healthy. 
This nice lady at seems to like okra a lot, so maybe I should re-think…

…those slimy little sci-fi lookin’ green sumbitches!  Aaaaaghhhhhh!!!!!